Getting Prepared for a Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgeries take time since the steps required require your gums to heal in between. You will have to undergo while getting dental implants in Charleston. Therefore, you will have to prepare yourself in advance.

Get a Dental Exam

Before a dentist can start with the dental implant surgery, they will have to take a closer look at your dental health. Your dentist will need to know about your general medical history to check your body’s reaction and responsiveness to certain drugs along with your immune system’s strength.

All this information is necessary to be examined to check if you are eligible for the surgery. Moreover, this exam helps the dentist get an insight into the way your surgery should be carried out.

Take Antibiotics Before The Surgery

A dental implant surgery’s aim is to put fuse a foreign element into your jaw bone. Therefore, your dentist will give you an immunosuppressant to ensure that your immune system does not attack the implant.

To prevent yourself from getting sick while your immune system is intentionally weakened, you should take a course of antibiotics. They will act as a secondary immune system in your body.

Prepare For The Surgery

Before taking anesthesia for the surgery, you will have to fast to 12 hours. Moreover, it is best to wear loose clothing to allow your body to rest during the procedure.

Scheduling Downtime

You will require at least a day or two to recover from the intense pain you might experience after surgery. Therefore, it is advisable to schedule a relaxing downtime for yourself in advance. You can take leave from work and pre-prepare soft food and liquids to consume while your gums recover.

Downtime Is Essential

As long as you follow your dentist’s instructions, getting dental implants is straightforward. Taking downtime after the procedure is necessary to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery.