How to Prevent Warm Weather Tick Bites

When the weather is nice outside you and your family members may be tempted to spend more time outdoors. Camping, hiking, and taking long walks through the woods are common activities when the sun is shining and temperatures are just right, but these conditions also attract a menace: ticks.

Ticks transmit bacteria that can spread diseases to humans and animals, such as Lyme disease or anaplasmosis. To avoid developing any harmful diseases, it’s necessary to try to prevent tick bites whenever possible. Let’s explore methods of tick control in Pace.

Repel Them

You can use certain insecticides and repellents to keep ticks from being attracted to your yard, such as permethrin. You can also treat clothing with insecticides to protect skin and keep ticks from latching on. Some have suggested DEET, but this is not proven to be as effective as other insecticides.

Be Vigilant

While you’re outdoors enjoying the many activities that can be done under the sun, you should be vigilant and make sure to check your items, clothing, and body for ticks. Look for ticks on children as well as on pets when they come in from playing outdoors, which will prevent ticks from being latched on long enough to spread disease.

tick control in Pace

Cover Up

When you plan on going outdoors for an extended period, such as camping, make sure to bring clothing that covers any exposed skin. Wear long sleeves and jeans as well as socks, tucking your pants into your socks to prevent ticks from climbing up the body. This is especially crucial during peak season for ticks.

Using these tick prevention tips, you can avoid getting bitten by ticks and may also prevent the development of harmful, and sometimes fatal, diseases like Lyme disease, babesiosis, or the Heartland virus.